.TEL Addresses

When .tel addresses first came out, it was wonderful. It offered subdomains to segregate content. It also offered more entries of contacts. Right now, TelNIC has crippled their .tel domain capabilities which makes them less valuable to the owner, and less informative for the visitor. However, for those that will wish to continue to visit my .tel domains, they are listed below. I now have 3 I promote depending on the role.


This .tel address is information exclusively regarding the cellular line. This will include any apps, and services installed on the phone. Information will include the actual telephone number including SMS, secondary email address, and an option to connect with the home line. You can visit this address by going to 14122532956.tel.


This .tel address is information regarding the home phone line, and the respective telephone numbers associated with that line. In addition, since most of the work on my projects, and social networks is done at home, those various links are available there. In addition, access to the cellular line is there. If you wish to visit this address, it is at 14122593384.tel


This is the personal .tel address. Pretty much all contact details are located on this .tel, and if I had to only have one, it will be this one. The other two serves in the role to make it easy for someone to find out my number if I was to call them. You can visit this address by going to fsp.tel