Windows Software

I utilize two OSes (although will prefer to use 1). The first is Android, while the second is Windows 10. This page will display my Windows Software I use. I have 2 Windows PCs. The first is an iView Ultra 13.3″ tablet/notebook where the second is an HP 15.6″ notebook that is now functioning as a desktop.

Program Ultra 2000 Series
Em Client Yes
FileZilla No Yes
Google Chrome Yes
Online Storage Yes
Pandora No Yes
Second Life No Yes
Skype No Yes

Em Client

This is an email client which is used to check mail from My Personal Email, and from my Gmail Account. Mozilla Thunderbird wasn’t performing properly, and Mailbird was overbearing and seem to nag to be paid with too many limitations.


This is an FTP Client which is used to upload files and edit .htaccess files. As time goes on, I am reducing the number of domains, but even for the few I will likely have, there is a need to properly manage them.

Google Chrome

This is my primary web browser for all of my devices including my Android devices. This web browser was used to edit this page, and compose all of my online documents. My desktop PC also has Opera for handling secondary accounts with.


Pandora has become my primary means of entertainment when I am doing work within my PC. This reduces the demands that would otherwise be placed on my Amazon Kindle.

Second Life

This is a virtual world simulation program. However, due to the demands it places on my PC, I hadn’t used it as much. Also, it seems as if there is very little going on in the world when I do go there which means many people are otherwise off doing other things.


This app is made legacy as the only new people that I come across are scam artists. Only one legitmate person seems to be in some irregular contact with me, and for that reason, I have kept Skype for the time being.