Windows Software

I only have one Windows 10 PC. This system has the following applications

  • Brother P-Touch (Label Printer)
  • Dropbox
  • FileZiila
  • Google Chrome
  • Libre Office
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Open Office

Brother P-Touch

This is the printer software for my label printer. The goal will be to keep this software on my notebook until I receive a desktop PC where the Desktop will manage the printer.


Dropbox is on all of my devices and used to transfer small files to the various devices I have including my phone, and tablet.There is only a 2GB storage, but this is sufficient for the needs. If I needed to transfer large files between PCs, then I will use an SD card which a reader will be a requisite for all desktop/notebook computers.


FileZilla is my FTP Client. This is used mostly to add new sub-domains, modify the redirects for, and, and upload large files for others to download.

Google Chrome

This is the default web browser I use. This could be likely the case since I have so much integrated into Google. Google Chrome also seems to behave better withing Google’s Services, although this web browser is not without flaws. It doesn’t play perfectly nice with CW TV shows.

Libre Office / Open Office

This is an office suite for the in case it is not in my interest to use Google Drive’s office suite. Any PC I have will have these applications installed, and I will likely reduce to just one office suite.

Mozilla Thunderbird

This is my email client which handles sending and receiving mail with, and any GMail account I have. There are a number of reasons why I just won’t use the GMail web interface, and therefore makes it unlikely I will ever move to a Chrome OS PC as my primary machine.