Android Software

I am currently utilizing two OS platforms. The first is Android, and the second is Windows 10. This page will go into detail of the Android software beyond the basics. Where possible, I will also provide links for these applications. The table below will display all of the apps I use.

App Phone Tablet
Games No Yes
Google Drive Yes Yes
Hangouts Dialer Cell Only No
Hangouts Yes Yes
PAT Tracker Cell Only Yes
Twitter Yes Yes
Voice (Google) Yes No


All of the games I will play will be on my tablet. Games are demanding on battery, and with preference to keep my phone functioning through the day, no games are stored on my phone. Will eventually need a new capable tablet in order to make the most of the games, but at the time, this will not be happening.

Google Drive

This is installed on all of my devices with exception of my Kindle Tablet. Due to the screen size, and my physical size, I typically only use Google Drive, and the Office Suite on devices that have a screen size of at least 13.3″.

Hangouts / Hangouts Dialer

Hangouts is never used as an IM client. Simply put, most people if they communicated with me via phone will call or use SMS. Since Google Voice is my unified telephone number, Hangouts is the default SMS application on my Wifi Phone, and Cellular phone. Hangouts Dialer is also installed on my primary cellular phone for VOIP calls when on a Wifi Network. These apps require a data connection. All Google Voice SMS comes to the phone as data.

PAT Tracker

PAT Tracker is installed on my Primary Cellular phone due to the fact that I will almost always have my phone with me when I go somewhere, and this app allows me to view where the public transit buses are located. This app requires a data connection


Twitter is a social network platform and installed on all of my devices including the Kindle. This app requires a data connection.

Google Voice

Google Voice allows me to make phone calls and allow calls from my device to show my Google Voice number. In turn, this app is on my Wifi Phone, and my Cellular phone. This allows all of my phones to show a single telephone number that everyone recognizes as mine. This app requires a data connection.