Malak is a neutered male Statford Pit Bull Terrier. He is a solid color black with the exception of a white spot under his chin. According to the previous owner, his birth period was April of 2011. He is very friendly, although does not realize the proper way to approach people at times. One way he seeks to get someone’s attention will be to bark. This bark along with the negative stereotype that his breed is can make him unapproachable to some. This however is being worked on.

He does have some bad habits which I am trying to address. He does try to push Talisa aside when there is someone willing to give attention. While I am fine with him getting attention from someone that wants to pet him, I do not want him to be pushy about it. He also despises the head collar and due to selective dog aggression, this is needed to humanely control his lunging. He will also defecate at times during the walk. With a back yard, this is where it should be done. If I was forced into a wheelchair, it will be extremely hard to clean up after him during a walk.

Malak does have some good qualities. He is rather people friendly, even though he may not give that impression. He can also be very calm, and can entertain himself without needing a lot of guidance. He can also be protective when the need arises, but able to back off when the time is right.