Most of my relationships are professional. There are some people that call me their friend, but for whatever the reason, they do not seem to be a regular part of my life, or insist on “helping” without receiving anything from me. To me, a friend has a desire to be an integrated part of one’s life, and will be relied upon as much as they rely on the other. There doesn’t seem to be anyone that will fit that description. There are also no person I will feel comfortable with knowing some very personal details about myself that I may not want others to know. There are also other people that I communicate with that will prefer to cry of how miserable their life is without being at least contempt of the good in their life.

With this in mind, it is hard to actually call anyone a friend. Also, a number of people I know that indulges in self destructive behavior, and then informs me of it as if seeking my approval which they will not get such from me.