My day to day life is much the same with some variations. This will depend on how much pain I am in, and what has to be addressed. Most days I will awake around 5-6AM. My cellular phone is always off during this time, but family and important people can ring my home phone which I keep close to bed in case there are such important calls. When I awake, I will turn my PC on, and eliminate any bodily waste that accumulated overnight. At which time, I fold up the bed into it’s sofa position, and let the two dogs I have out. While they are out in the back yard, I will change their water, and if I am well, they will go for a walk. No matter what, I try to take them out for at least one 45-60 minute walk a day. The only thing that would impair such attempts is inclement weather, or pain. When walking them in the day time during the Summer, I attempt to keep in the shade as much as possible. I also have paw wax for really hot days to help protect their paws.

During the day, I will try to do some work on my websites, and address any emails, or messages. The dogs have the opportunity to play with a few exceptions. I do have access to a back yard while they of course can make use of it during the day. In the evening, they are to keep their play down as they can get very loud about it, and therefore make me an unreasonable neighbor. Also, in the evening to keep my electrical demands low, I will spend much of the time catching up on videos, and other content. I do not have a television, so because of this – it is not easy if even possible to access OTA television. And with the Broadcasters fighting Aereo which will allow me to have OTA television. Instead, I utilize Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

I receive SNAP (aka: Food Stamps) once per month. Since I have to take a bus to the grocery store, and the bus normally runs every 60 minutes, I try to do shopping as early as possible. This is so I can deal with less crowds, and the bus runs on 30 minute intervals at such times. I do not purchase everything as some foods (such as breads) should be purchased in more frequent intervals. Due to the resources, I try to keep food purchases as simple, and cheap as possible. As for the dogs, they get a higher quality food, and is shipped via Amazon to reduce the efforts in trying to find the food for them locally.

Doctor appointments are usually in the late morning, or early afternoon. However, I am typically am flexible enough to go at times most convenient for the office. Once in a while, I will have to go to Downtown to get cleats on my shoes. Sine I required special shoes – I try to keep the soles in as good condition as possible. Meals for both my dogs and I is usually in the late afternoon, or early evening.