This page will go into detail on what’s in my backpack. First off, I carry a basic Swiss Black carry backpack. It is nothing fancy, nor exciting. I have small 3 dial combination locks on for the zippers to discourage casual entry. For those that are curious, this is what is possibly in my backpack at any one time while I am out. I will go from front to rear.

Front Main

The front main pocket will carry pens, an LTE router, and my charging accessories. It will also carry my keys while I am out for any extended time, as well as bus tickets. There is also any bluetooth headphones that I might otherwise carry with me.

For the charging accessories, I have a charging cable for my Primary Phone. A charging brick which is more for the convenience of someone with a cable, but no charging brick of their own. I also carry a micro-USB2 cable, and an Lightning cable – again for the benefit of another person. I also carry a 10,000mAh battery pack with 3 short cables. Two of them are micro-USB2 and one of them is USB-C

Front Top

The Front Top pocket will not always be used, but when it is – it will typically carry my wallet, and my primary phone. In addition, I have a battery pack for my phone which will also sit in this pocket. The reason for this is Bluetooth optimization with headphones, or if I have to use wired headphones which there is an access slot to that pocket for wired headphones. Obviously, for the wired headphones, the backpack will have to be on me (as opposed to carried).

Center Pocket

This pocket is for any miscellaneous items. This could include folders, bags, additional refreshments, clothes, or whatever I feel I might need for that day’s trip.

Rear Pocket

This is typically only good for items such as grocer bags, or notepads. With that being said, it isn’t used often, but when it does, it has a purpose.

Back Pocket

This pocket is exclusively used for my notebook PC. I don’t always carry it with me as I don’t always need to have access to my notebook, but this is considered if I will be gone for a long time, and expect times where I might actually get something productive done.

Side Pockets

These pockets holds water bottles. Simply put, I don’t see the value in having to buy something to drink when I get thirsty. If I walk into a store, I made the conscious and precised decision to purchase something because I want to. Depending on how long I will expect to be gone will depend on whether I carry 1 or two bottles.