This section is about myself, and aspects that will be considered as important for someone to know. If you choose to read this section, then you would get a good idea of the type of person I am, and will have a good idea of what you would deal with if you choose to have association with me. I guess I should put the most general information about me on this page, and go deeper into more pertinent aspects on dedicated pages in this section.

First, as one might guess, my name is Frank Pilone. My middle initial is Samuel. I was born to Frank James Pilone, and Donna Lee Pilone (married name) in the city of Pittsburgh in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1973. Obviously, as one might guess from my name, I am male, and I’m Caucasian. While my heritage has a greater split, I am for the most part – half German, and Half Italian.

I am 6′ tall (188cm), and weigh 250lbs. Yes, I am on the bigger side, but this is a fact of life I have accepted. I have brown hair which I wear a little pass my shoulders, and brown eyes with glasses. Due to dental problems – not of my fault, I have Dentures (yes I brushed regularly). I was born with inverted clubbed feet, and when I was 6 months old, I had corrective surgery which has failed. This in turn has led to both of my ankles collapsing and followed with dozens of surgeries. At this time, the only surgery that will have a chance of being of value will be an amputation which I will prefer to wait until there is no advantage of waiting any further.

It will be this disability that makes it very painful to walk, or stand. In turn, I am legally considered as disabled. I in turn do not work. To help manage the pain, I do take a narcotic pain killer and visit an anesthesiologist every three months. I had attempted to study Business Administration in the mid ’90s with no success due to the physical demand. As a reward, I have a large student loan which will prevent me from pursuing other options. Since then, I had attempted to self-teach myself web development to attempt for a home business. However, due to lack of resources, and patronage this home business failed after about 7 years of attempting to keep it viable. With this in mind, I received benefits from the Social Security Administration (a branch of Health and Human Services) for SSI benefits. With these benefits, I live below the poverty line which qualifies me for other social assistance programs – however I do not live on any lap of luxury.

I live alone with a dog in a one bedroom apartment in the Troy Hill Neighborhood of Pittsburgh. The neighborhood has a mixture of both white and black, and there doesn’t appear to be an overwhelming population of either. The neighborhood is peaceful, and quiet – although it has some issues. The streets are narrow which makes public transportation a logistical challenge. There is a 40′ city bus that serves the area, but a shuttle would serve better. This is a problem since the local transit service has no shuttles in the fleet. There are essential resources also lacking. There is a pharmacy, but the pharmacist informed me that they can’t support filling narcotics which I find as odd, but have to go elsewhere for prescriptions. There are a couple pizza parlors, convenience stores, and bars – but there is no real grocery store which makes the neighborhood a food desert. However, despite this and a few other flaws, this a good enough area to live.

My days are quiet, and for most people – very dull. I do try to keep myself busy, and productive. However, with this in mind, my personal blog site has went to monthly updates as the details of my life is a bit monotonous. I am single, and never been married. I am not in a relationship, and as for sexual preference goes – I am heterosexual. While I was raised Lutheran, I am now considering myself as Agnostic.

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