If money is owed to me, and someone wishes to pay what they owe, there are a few ways they can do so. These methods will seem like common sense, but there are other methods less thought of. Basically, I give no one an excuse to not pay me


Of course, I will accept cash. If cash is accepted, it is made use of on a local level (prescriptions, shoe maintenance, etc) as to try to not have to deposit the money. This is because I use a digital bank (Capital One). Depositing cash is not as easy as it could be. Therefore, cash is likely to remain on me until it is consumed. I however, do not normally carry more than $25 on me as this is a measure of security.


If a personal check is written to me, I will attempt to use my bank’s app to make a digital deposit. If so, the check will be voided and kept for 6 months for records. Since I normally do not receive checks, there is no guarantee of acceptance. However, there will be reasonable effort to accept

Credit/Debit Card

I have a Square Reader which allows me to collect money through a credit card, or debit card. If money is owed, it will be the responsibility of the payer to pay the 2.5% that is charged on me for processing the payment. Simply put, I am not a business, and this is just money that is owed to me because of an arrangement previously. To figure what you would need to pay. Take the amount and multiply by 1.025. If one owed $50, and wished to pay by card, they will take $50×1.025 for a total of $51.25 that will be taken out of their card.

Gift Card

With prior permission, I will accept a gift card as payment. However, this has to be through prior acceptance with every request as receiving a gift card may not be in my best interest. In which respect, I will only accept Amazon cards as this is the likely source I will need to use.

Google Pay / Zelle

If one was to use Google Pay, or Zelle – they will send the money owed to frank@pilone.name. Money will then automatically deposit into my checking account.