If money is owed to me, and someone wishes to pay what they owe, there are a few ways they can do so. These methods will seem like common sense, but there are other methods less thought of. Basically, I give no one an excuse to not pay me


Of course, I will accept cash. If cash is accepted, it is made use of on a local level (prescriptions, shoe maintenance, etc) as to try to not have to deposit the money. This is because I use a digital bank (Capital One). Depositing cash is not as easy as it could be. Therefore, cash is likely to remain on me until it is consumed. I however, do not normally carry more than $25 on me as this is a measure of security.


If a personal check is written to me, I will attempt to use my bank’s app to make a digital deposit. If so, the check will be voided and kept for 6 months for records. Since I normally do not receive checks, there is no guarantee of acceptance. However, there will be reasonable effort to accept.

Gift Card

With prior permission, I will accept a gift card as payment. However, this has to be through prior acceptance with every request as receiving a gift card may not be in my best interest. In which respect, I will only accept Amazon cards as this is the likely source I will need to use.

Google Pay / Zelle

If one was to use Google Pay, or Zelle – they will send the money owed to frank@pilone.name. Money will then automatically deposit into my checking account.