My primary source of income will be SSI which is $750 from the federal government, and $22.40 from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. For those living in economically struggling countries, this may sound like a lot. In reality though, it about 25% below the poverty line, and in my opinion – even at the poverty line, one can not truly make the basics suffice.

I also receive SNAP benefits of $100. It’s not really enough to cover buying nutritious foods, but I make due. Because of this, I typically eat hot dogs once a day. This is due to me having about $3/day if I was to break it down to a daily amount.

I also receive Section-8, but the resources from there goes directly to the landlord which is fine as I pay $170 + $15 (pet fee) for rent. I also receive Medicaid which again, the resources goes to the service provider.