If someone wishes to donate, there are a couple of ways. I will not disclose my residential address to the public, so donating by mail will not be an option. However, I am not one to deny free money, so here are a couple of options you can use. These options are the most uniformed and offers a digital means of donating.

Amazon Gift Cards

The most direct way will be to buy an Amazon Gift Card and select the e-delivery option. You will then want to send it Once I receive it in the mail, I can add it to my account.

I can then use it to purchase things I will need for the dog, or some things for myself. Otherwise, the gift card balance will remain in my account until I build enough to buy something significant.

Google Pay

Obviously with a gift card, I can only purchase resources within Amazon. What if I wanted to pay a bill, or wanted the extra cash for something local. For those that will want me to have the most flexibility with their donations will want to use Google Wallet. For those that wish to send money via Google Pay will send the money to

In Person

If you know where I live, and have some form of relationship with me, you can come and hand the cash to me. You can also use your debit card as I have a Square Reader that doesn’t get much attention. While I haven’t had an opportunity to try it with any success, I will guess check should work if it can be processed digitally.


Zelle is associated with a number of banks, and if you are with a major national bank, you might even have Zelle Integration. For those that had ClearXchange will likely have been converted to Zelle. To send money using Zelle, send the payment to Local Banks (Pittsburgh PA) will include

  • Citizens Bank
  • Dollar Bank
  • Fifth Third Bank
  • Key Bank
  • PNC

If one is interested in a Digital Bank, I personally use Capital One.

Easy URL: