I have 2 store credit lines, and 4 credit cards. I do my best to keep balances low if I have to carry any balance. At the time of writing this page (2017-12-05), I owe nothing on the store credit lines and have a small amount (Maintenance) on my credit cards.

The idea is to keep everything low so I don’t have to focus any attention on any of the credit lines and cards. This will allow me to focus my attention on loans I have out. As for the loans, I have two that were for financing my two phones while the other one was used to consolidate my debt, therefore making it easy to only have one bill instead of 3, and lower interest rates on a couple of accounts.

The focus will be to attack the larger account, therefore reducing the interest that I am paying on that account. Since the phone financing is at 0%, it doesn’t warrant my full attention as with the loan for 15.5%. Once the loan is paid off, the financing of the phones will be almost paid. The focus will then go to the financing of the phones with the larger payment first.