Bills are a fact of life in the modern world, and while I technically have too many bills, I do seek to resolve that issue. In turn, when possible – I cut out what ever services that can not be of value or is not affordable. I in turn have the following bills:

  • Essentials
    1. Shelter (inc. Utilities)
    2. Food
    3. Clothing (Typically Laundry)
  • Basics
    1. Medicine / Hygiene
    2. Transportation
    3. Communication
  • Automatic Recurring Bills
    1. Hosting
    2. Pandora Premium
    3. Callcentric (E911 Service)
  • Credit Lines (not all used)
    1. Amazon
    2. American Express
    3. Capital One
    4. Chase
    5. Merrick Bank
    6. Walmart
  • Loans
    1. Affirm for First Moto Z
    2. Affirm for Second Moto Z
    3. Debt Consolidation Loan


These are the costs to cover the most basic essentials of life. Everyone needs food, clothing and shelter. These are a guaranteed no matter what lifestyle or income level you are in.


These are vital resources for modern living. Whereas if you didn’t have the essentials, you could likely die – these are not such so severe, but assumed to be a need for everyone today.

Automatic Recurring Bills

These are bills that come through every month, and are automatically withdrawn from a card number I provide. These bills are accounted for in the budget, and when the charge comes through, the bill is then paid.

Credit Lines

I have a multitude of credit lines. I do NOT use a credit card to pay my bill or day to day expenses. To do this will be to live beyond the means. However, there is some debt that is being addressed as aggressively as possible.


There are three loans. Two of them are for the phones (1 loan per phone). I acquired two phones to assure that I will have a phone if some misfortune fell on the primary phone. The debt consolidation loan was to take all of my debt with APR >20% and pay them off. This will allow me to not have as much interest to deal with.

Addressing Debt

My method of addressing my debt is I pick a debt to address. This is typically based on the amount owed, and interests. Once I chosen the debt to focus on, everything else gets the minimum balance to not be delinquent. The one that will be focused on will get the rest of available funds. During this time, a credit card will be used only to cover the Essentials, or Basics if there is miscalculation. This will be the one with the lowest interest rates. For example, a card was used to pay for a $500 pair of prescription glasses. Once all of the debt is address, the credit card that is used as a support role will be addressed.