fsp.to Addresses

These Addresses or more appropriately URLs are forwarders. For those that don’t understand the concept, the entered fsp.to URL will then forward to another address so the end result is another web page. Therefore, to enter fsp.to in the address bar will redirect you to fsp.tel which is the URL I wish for you to go to.

At one point, fsp.cc performed this duty, and to some degree, it will. However, fsp.to will take the user to another web address not under the ownership of Frank Pilone. This could be Amazon, Motorola, or a web address that may only have one or two visitors. fsp.cc addresses will focus on making short URLs for longer web addresses within my collection of websites. Therefore, http://fsp.cc/legacy will redirect to http://about.fsp.im/communications/legacy-resources/ which as you can see is a much longer URL. The first one is obviously easier to remember or type.

This will also involve some growing pains. Some old URLs that were referenced with fsp.cc and going to another web site will likely exist until I can have them taken care of. If you come across any such addresses, please feel free to reach out to me at frank@pilone.name. The links below are promotional links, and may offer compensation if used.