.TEL Domains

Due to the restrictions of TelNIC no longer supporting sub-domains, there has been a number of changes. First, pilone.tel has been expired. fsp.tel will support a basic contact system and resource. It will also have a link to fsp.im where more contact details not supported by TelNIC will be offered. In addition, there are the following .tel domains which are referenced with telephone numbers as follows.

  • 14122532956.tel: Cellular Line .tel address
  • fsp.tel: Primary Contact Address


This is my primary cellular phone number. This is a Google Voice number, so I have some control of how people reach me. In turn, I typically limit unknown callers and non-grouped contacts from reaching me. In addition to the phone number is the ability to send an SMS, email to the phone, and the residence line. You also have a link for how I handle calls, my GTalk ID, and as I mentioned the issue with unknown callers.


This address will give you options in my preference in how I would wish to have an interactive conversation. You will also see my primary web address and a web address to this site where you can get all of my links. Last, you would get my social networks, and resource files that I think might be of value for others.