FSP Domains

I have a number of domains with the domain name being fsp. Obviously none of these are the general TLDs that most people recognize, but they still work nonetheless. The domains are as follows

  • FSP.cc: Redirect System
  • FSP.im: Various General Sites (such as this)
  • FSP.one: Reserved Domain
  • FSP.tel: Contact Directory
  • FSP.to: Redirect System (external addresses)


Any link to a page or site within my network of websites may need a short or easier to recognize URL. In this case, this will fsp.cc as the redirect system. For example, if I wanted to point to a document I wrote, or a blog posting on my site, it will use fsp.cc.


All of my sites that either don’t warrant a dedicated domain, or is cost prohibitive gets a unique sub-doamin. The nice thing about Dreamhost is they allow unlimited sub-domains. For example, this sub-domain (http://about.fsp.im/ is my About Site. All such content is delegated here, and it is just at the cost of one domain that is already paid for. If the worst should happen, and will have to give up all but 3 domains, this will be one of the ones that will remain. This is due to the importance the domain has been placed with.


FSP.tel is my contact directory which is a web site that is intended to provide contact information. If I was to add any other contact details, it will be noted here. If I was to delete any contact information, it will be deleted here. This site is to keep everything accurate and up to date for anyone that will wish to get a means of reaching out to me.


I had this domain a long time ago, and reacquired it. This site will redirect people to external web sites. For example, http://fsp.to/capitalone redirects the visitor to a referral link offering people to sign up for a bank account. Since Capital One is not one of my sites, it will not use fsp.cc.

One thing to consider with fsp.to domains, is there will be sub-domains that will provide additional links based on the service relevant. For example, g.fsp.to will be links with Google, or Google Plus related. The variations are as follows:

  • g.fsp.to: Google Related, and links with Google Plus
  • t.fsp.to: Twitter related links
  • y.fsp.to: Youtube related links


This site will be kept, but likely not advanced any more to the point other than the role it once performed. This is to keep the links active.