This section will go into detail of the respective domains, and sub-domains I own. Some sub-domains such as, or will not be noted as these aren’t intended for public visiting. One will note that most of the active domains have the domain name of fsp. This is due to my initials.

For those that don’t understand the structure of a domain, I will describe it below. A domain is structured by the following layout:

In some domains where the designer wants things to be complex, there are multiple sub-domains. And especially in Word Press Driven sites, one may notice only directories. The directories is a trick of PHP/.htaccess code. In regards to all of my sites, no domain will have more than one level of sub domains.

The domain extension is very important. This will identify the type of content I have on the site. This becomes very important as most of my domain names are the same. The root (www sub-domain) will always provide details relevant to all of the sub-domains, or describe the purpose of the domain. Sub-domains will go into unique and personalized aspects of that site. Let’s look at an example that is currently active, and will likely remain under any circumstances. This will be

Fsp.Tel is a unique domain as the administrative authority is also the hosting company. Registrars provide back ends, but for this purpose, it can be looked to as the same. First, .tel is my contact directory. Therefore, anything in is contact information only. One will not find my blog in this site, but instead a link to my blog will be here. This domain eliminates the need to have to travel to every site I own to update contact information. As for sub-domains, if one was to visit – they will get a listing of all of my telephone numbers. This not only includes a United States (country of residence) telephone number, but also an +883 number which is free to call with all supporting carriers. In addition, there is a SIP Broker Number so one that uses SIP Broker will be able to reach me easily. I have requested and been assigned an easy to remember SIP Broker number as it is similar to my US telephone number. There is also my CallCentric number which CallCentric is the Primary SIP Provider. However, if one goes to – one will find all of my IM client and services that I promote.

This similar structure is done through all of my domains. While .TEL domains aren’t hosted through my hosting company, the other domains are. The hosting company is important, as such a company will have to support my demands which will include unlimited domains and sub-domains. They will also have to offer sufficient space, and bandwidth. Almost all of my sites are driven with WordPress. The Domains are noted in this section.

The pages in this section are as follows: