In 2015, I found myself with the need to regularly print documents. In turn, while it still might have been cheaper to move the documents to a thumb drive, and print at a local FedEx, the convenience factor also played a major role. In addition, as time goes on, I will one day have to replace my current PC, and cost issues might require that I consider an Android or Chrome based PC as a primary PC. With this in mind, it might be harder to move the files to a USB drive.

No matter what printer I was to get, it would have to meet certain requirements. First, it must be compact. Second, it must support scans and copies with 8.5″×11″ (US Standard size), and the printer must support Cloud Print as well as e-Print. Also, there is a demand for cost effectiveness. I needed a printer that would be less than $100, and while I knew that ink cartridges would always be expensive, I wanted to make sure there was some price competition.

My choice printer became the HP Envy 4501. This printer can also handle scans, and up to 50 copies. It came with two full cartridges (1 black, and 1 color). The printer is a LAN, and Internet capable printer. As a LAN printer, it uses Wifi-N, and there is an USB Port for it to function as a local printer as well. It is also a WAN (Internet capable) printer supporting Air Print (Apple), Cloud Print (Google), and e-Print (an email address assigned to the printer). The printer also supports Auto-Duplex (printing both sides of a sheet without intervention) which will save pages when the option allows for it.

My goals will be to eventually eliminate the printer drivers associated with the HP printer, and opt exclusively for Cloud Print Drivers. This will hopefully reduce the demands on the system, and allow access to the printer with just an internet connection.