I own a One Plus 6 which is my primary cellular phone.  I also have a DECT Phone which will be used hopefully for VIP calls. It can also dial 911 for emergency services.

One Plus 6

I have a One Plus 6 which is my primary cellular phone. It is also used as a media player for when I walk Malak, or have to go somewhere. There is no micro-SD slot, but the phone is a Dual SIM phone.

The One Plus 6 handles all incoming calls. Calls from people I know will ring to the first cellular line while unknown callers will ring to the second cellular line. If I don’t wish to be bothered by unknown callers, then I could turn off SIM 2.

VTech CS6719

This is a DECT Cordless phone. There is no fancy screen or LTE. It is a house phone. The phone is assured to always allow a home phone to be available. Through an ObiHai ATA, I set up speed dials, and anyone using the home phone and dials 2# will be able to reach a cellular phone directly.

The cordless phone will handle GTalk calls for both accounts and will be available in the event that VIP calls will call. Since my current cellular phone has an unlimited calling plan, I typically only use the home phone to make outgoing calls to businesses that aren’t in the cellular phone since this is typically making a 2 digit number followed by #.


I have come across the fact there is no perfect phone for my needs. With this in mind, I acquire and use what I consider as the best considering. Currently, this is the One Plus 6 which is a Dual-SIM phone, and therefore support 2 providers.

In an ideal future, I would have a smart phone that not only supports two carriers, but can also connect via DECT, therefore functioning as a cordless home phone. This feature will likely never come especially since most cellular plans offer unlimited voice minutes.

I have tried the Invoxia Voice Bridge, but this device failed to work properly. The idea will be to allow incoming home phone calls to ring the cellular phone using a Wifi connection, or forward calls to the cellular line when the bridge don’t detect the phone as connected. This however, at least for me, has failed to function as such.