Through a loan process, I own two mid-range phones which have become my primary and secondary phone. I also have a DECT Phone which will be used hopefully for VIP calls. It can also dial 911 for emergency services. I also have a basic phone which was provided to me by Life Wireless which I had for at least a few years.All of these phones play a role as noted below.

Motorola Moto Z Play

There are two such phones. One is stored away for if something were to happen to my regular cellular phone. Both phones are the same model and this is designed with purpose to allow any Moto Mods I may have to be used on the backup phone.

VTech CS6719

This is a DECT Cordless phone. There is no fancy screen or LTE. It is a house phone. The phone is assured to always allow a home phone to be available. Through an ObiHai ATA, I set up speed dials, and anyone using the home phone and dials 2# will be able to reach a cellular phone directly.

The cordless phone will handle GTalk calls for both accounts and will be available in the event that VIP calls will call. This phone will also be the one I will ring when I returned a call from my residence.

Other Phones

There are no other phones in service by me. This is due to phones expiring (no longer operating). This will go into the reason of why there was an acquisition of 2 Moto Z Plays. The VTech phone will continue to operate as a DECT the only phone. The VTech does not have any cellular capability.


I have come across the fact there is no perfect phone for me. I like the Moto Z capabilities, but the US version intentionally is set up to not have Dual SIM. In my opinion, this is the wrong way of going about it. Also, I have yet to see a phone that also supports Eco-DECT which would have allowed my cellular phone to function as a home phone. This would be valuable as I do not have unlimited calling on my cell phone service plan.

I have tried the Invoxia Voice Bridge to link the routing of my home phone calls to my cellular phone. This would have allowed me to send all calls to GTalk to my ATA, and when I am home, answer with my Moto Z as a Wifi Call, and as a cellular call when I wasn’t home. However, the device failed to perform as promised. Because of this, I had to return the bridge, and hopes of an easier life have been crushed.

If I come across the need for an unlimited cellular plan, I will acquire a basic phone to insert my lifeline number in it. This will then carry with me and will be used if someone needed to borrow a phone to make a call. I would rather lose a basic phone than a $450 smartphone.