I now have three computers. This will seem like overkill, but I will detail the roles of each system in this page. This did mean an expense on my credit line which I will have to pay off as time goes on, but in the end – I feel it is worth the effort and costs. Time will tell if it is a decision I will regret.

HP 2000 Series

The first and oldest one is the HP 2000 series. This has been my only PC for about 5 – 6 years. It received a free upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 8. It has had its hard drive and memory upgraded. In both instances, it has extended the life of the system. However, other issues had made it an effective desktop PC which it remains plugged into a keyboard dock with a mouse, and an USB hub. The hub offers a couple of ports, and connect my label printer which is put to regular use. I will eventually need to replace the system when it fails completely. The time between failure, and acquisition will require that the Pavilion will be needed to operate the label printer.

HP Pavilion x360

The HP Pavilion x360 is a notebook convertible tablet PC. This means it functions primary as a notebook, but can be transformed to function as a tablet. In this case, the screen rotates to 360° to have the back of the screen and the bottom of the keyboard touch. The OS then transforms into a touch friendly environment from the keyboard optimized environment.

This PC is intended to function as a notebook that I can take with me. I don’t go out as often as I would like, but when I do – I will want the ability to be productive. This is where the x360 operates in that role. Also, in the event that the 2000 series fails, this will be the only option I will have for using the label printer, and accessing my primary email.

Acer Chromebook

The Acer Chromebook is typically not used. My initial intention was to use the Chromebook as a guest PC, but the only guest I had on a somewhat regular basis was my brother which at this time, we do not seem to be on good terms. I won’t go into the reason of why since it has nothing to do with this page, or more than a billion people.


I will want to acquire an AiO or a good LCD monitor with a USB PC attached to it. This will reduce some of the restrictions I have on the HP 2000 which functions as a home PC. Another solution might acquire a good quality notebook and have that function as my only regular PC. However, a good quality PC is simply not in my budget right now.

I will also want to acquire a NAS drive to have a solution of media files, and other resources hosted on the NAS. This will allow me to consolidate my media into one location, and hopefully be able to back up the important files from the NAS. At this time, all of my documents of any importance is hosted on the Internet.