I now have two computers. This will seem like overkill, but I will detail the roles of each system in this page. This did mean an expense on my credit line which I will have to pay off as time goes on, but in the end – I feel it is worth the effort and costs. Time will tell if it is a decision I will regret.

Acer E 15 Notebook

This PC replaced the HP Pavilion which stopped working properly. The notebook performs the duties of content creation (such as this page), and is the PC that goes with me if I was to take a computer. With the i7 (8th gen) CPU, I am hoping it will last several years before needing replaced.

Acer Chromebook

The Acer Chromebook is typically not used. My initial intention was to use the Chromebook as a guest PC, but the only guest I had on a somewhat regular basis was my brother which at this time, we do not seem to be on good terms. I won’t go into the reason of why since it has nothing to do with this page, or more than a billion people.


I will like to acquire an AiO, or Desktop PC with a good monitor. The role of the desktop PC will be to function as a media machine which will play Pandora or videos throughout the day, and rest at night. Due to the income I have, this will take a while to accomplish.