Devices will include PCs, Phones, Printers, and Tablets. Most of the devices in this section are used on a daily basis, however some things I own are either supplemental to the role of other devices, or serve in a limited fashion. There are devices noted as above, and the following which don’t fit in any of the mentioned categories.


I have a pair of LG HB730 headphones which have served well enough, but there are many times when the headphones will not play music properly. This is even when the paired device is in arm’s length, and both have a good battery charge. When it is financially feasible, I will wish to replace with hopefully something that will work properly. While Multi-point is preferred, I given up on finding one that will work properly.


I have an Arris Surfboard refurbished modem which I purchased for $35 so I no longer have to pay Comcast $10 a month to use their piece of junk. The modem is just a modem, so there is a need for a router, but I already had a router which I am satisfied with. I will plan to get a replacement modem about a month before the warranty expires so I could make sure that I will have one that will operate properly


I have an Asus RT-N56U Router which has 4 LAN ports, 1 WAN port, and 2 USB. The router also supports Wifi-N, and Guest networking. This router will continue to operate, and trust that Asus’ routers are good enough where they will start to misbehave before failing. If I should need to purchase a new router, it will hopefully be within budget to acquire an Wifi-AC (or better) router. One USB port is used for the label printer, while the other will hopefully function as a LAN Network server.

I also have an Sprint LTE cellular router which is serviced through Freedom POP. This is on a $7.50 plan which in turn carries the unused data in savings (up to 20GB). This in turn allows me to have access to data services and the Internet when I am not home.

I will want to acquire a portable router that will have its own SSID and credentials, but will use a network connection from a WAN port. This will in example allow me to plug my router into another person’s Internet connection (with their permission), and just use my own Wifi ID settings rather than trying to plug in every device with the settings.


I own a Pebble Watch (classic model) which is paired with my primary phone. In turn, this allows me to connect to the phone and recieve notifications of SMS, and calls without having to pull out the phone. If I need to take the call, I can use my headphones.