Devices will include PCs, Phones, Printers, and Tablets. Most of the devices in this section are used on a daily basis, however some things I own are either supplemental to the role of other devices, or serve in a limited fashion. There are devices noted as above, and the following which don’t fit in any of the mentioned categories.


I have a pair of basic wired headphones which plugs into my smartphone’s headphone jack. Nothing much else to note. I use it mostly when I am not home since my smartphone also functions as a music player.

Modem / Router

Because I use Comcast’s Internet Essentials program, I have to use their modem/router combination. While I would have preferred to use my own modem and router, this was not possible. I am not happy with the performance of the modem/router combination, but accepted it as this is the only way I can get discounted Internet Service.


I own a Motorola 360 watch. This watch display notifications (including incoming calls) from my Smartphone which allows me to make decisions on whether or not I have to address something on my phone.