There are a few means by which one can reach me by telephone. Most people reach me using my Primary US telephone number. Other options include a +883 number, SIP Broker Number, and Call Centric Number. The numbers are as listed below

  • +1 4122532956 (US Phone Number)
  • +883 510009990651 (iNUM -> Residence)

Telephone Numbers

My International Number forwards to my Google Voice Number. This allows me to have one device that I primarily will use to answer calls no matter who calls. My Domestic Number is my Google Voice Number. This is the only number I provide on a domestic level. I do have other phone numbers provided by my cellular provider, but I never disclose them.


All of my calls routes to a dual SIM phone (One Plus 6). Unknown callers route to SIM 2 which is a Lifeline service provider. All known telephone numbers will ring to SIM 1 which is a premium service provider. This is done so I could disable SIM 2 and still receive calls from known contacts.

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