There are a few means by which one can reach me by telephone. Most people reach me using my Primary US telephone number. Other options include a +883 number, SIP Broker Number, and Call Centric Number. The numbers are as listed below

  • +1 4122532956 (US Phone Number)
  • +883 510009990651 (iNUM -> Residence)

Telephone Numbers

International callers will get my iNUM, or a SIP number. If they have access to SIP services, they can use that to reach out to me. Domestic US callers will receive my home phone and/or cellular phone. Most telephone plans have unlimited domestic calling, so the area code should not be an issue.


There are (as of January 1, 2018) two devices. The first is a VTech cordless phone. The international and SIP numbers will ring to that phone. Next is a cellular phone which only contacts will ring. This is due to a limited minute plan.

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