There are a few means in which one can reach me by telephone. Most people reach me using my Primary US telephone number. In addition, there will be a secondary US telephone number which is used as needed. Other options includes a +883 number, SIP Broker Number, and Call Centric Number. The primary number (ideally) will ring a home phone, and a cellular phone. All other numbers will ring the home phone only. The numbers are as listed below

  • +1 4122532956 (Cellular Line)
  • +883 510009990651 (iNUM -> Residence)
  • *011 14122532956 (SIP Broker)
  • 17772603465 (CallCentric -> Residence)
  • SIP:// (SIP Address as iNUM)

Telephone Numbers

International callers will get my iNUM, or a SIP number. If they have access to SIP services, they can use that to reach out to me. Domestic US callers will receive my home phone and/or cellular phone. Most telephone plans have unlimited domestic calling, so the area code should not be an issue.

Keep in mind, if you are not in my contacts, you will have a better option of reaching me (with more hours) if you call the Residence Line. This is due to the likelihood of having a limited minute plan on my Cellular Line.


There are (as of June 1, 2017) three devices. The first is a VTech cordless phone. The international and SIP numbers will ring to that phone. There is a Primary Cellular phone which is what is used for my cellular line. Most contacts will be able to ring this number. Last is Secondary Cellular phone which is used as a Wifi Phone, and will operate if something should happen to the Primary phone.

My phones will go into DND (Do Not Disturb) Mode when I am about to go to bed, just getting out of bed, or in an appointment. At these times, only Starred Contacts will ring. Typically, this will be limited to my physicians, or significant other. If you wish to know how rules apply, visit the Communications > Calls Page.

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