There are two mail services one may consider. The first is E-Mail (aka: Electronic Mail). This is an internet protocol for sending a message including the use of attachments. The second is postal mail which is used to send non-digital goods.

Electronic Mail

I have a primary email address which is Strangely enough, this is very confusing for some people. Because of this, I am considering on acquiring another email address that will be simple to relate to while also being easy to remember, and write. This is again because some strange reason – my first name at my surname dot name is so confusing.

I do have a Gmail account, and will provide it if need be, but there is a strong preference to my primary address. Gmail is however provided as WHOIS contact information for my domains since a person should never use a domain they own for the WHOIS contact information.

In regards to attachments, I tend to prefer to not send attachments. If I send attachments, it will be in the form of general images. Documents, and other files will be uploaded to one of my sites, and linked in the email. The rationale of this is to reduce unwarranted downloads of files when it is inconvenient, or having one of the mail servers not accept the attachment. If one is to receive a digital file from me, they will be given an URL to download the file. The URL will be a redirect link and will point to either Drop Box or Google Drive.

Postal Mail

While I am sure that someone that looks hard enough can find my mailing address, it is not intended to be public information. This is due to the fact I do not have a PO Box, nor a Private Mailbox address. In reality, I should have one, but this is not a financial benefit at this time.

For those I personally know, and trust with such will be allowed to have my residential address. However, this is likely not necessary. If someone wishes to give me a gift (not likely), consider using Amazon. I have wish lists on Amazon, and they have my address for shipping. Just gift the item you purchased, and it should be sent to me.