While I have a few domains, I am currently pushing for either pilone domain names, or fsp domain names. Other domains registered in my name are either on the behalf of someone else, or are due to expire. This is not to say I won’t get another domain name, but a great deal of preference will be to either fsp, or pilone.

.tel Domains

The exact handling of .tel domains are unique to other domains. All information is handled in DNS records. This means that specialized servers are used which is why a .tel domain can never be hosted with the hosting company, and while special DNS instructions are required for email handling. It is however because of this system that makes them great for their role, and that is to provide direct and reliable communications.

When one visits a .tel domain, the server checks the capabilities of the browser. The page is laid out and formatted as based on the ability of the browser. The contact is extracted from the records and inserted as need be. Information such as links, and email addresses are automatically linked. In addition, phone numbers are automatically linked which either directly dials the number, or inserts the number into the dialer. Because of this, all PSTN numbers should be ITU formated (+ country code followed by domestic number). This is why the telephone number is +14122532956 rather than just 253-2956, or even (412) 253-2956 which are common ways to write a number.

My Domains

The list below are domains that are registered by me, and the role they serve. Exceptions will be domains on the behalf of another entity. A number of domains will be terminated for various reasons. In most instances, this will be financial.

  • Telephone .Tel Site
  • Redirect (Internal) System
  • Contact / Secondary Sites
  • Acquired Domain
  • Personal Contact Directory
  • Redirect (external) System
  • Primary Email Address

Due to relationships with members of the family, will only remain since my primary email address uses this domain. There is likely little to no chance of others using this as most either have no interest, or on not good terms.

You can also learn the basics of having your own domain. To do this, visit for help on setting up one.  The hosting company I use for most of my domains is Dreamhost.

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