Contacts Policy

I have a policy in regards to how I handle contacts. While I may know a lot of people, only the people I am on neutral or better terms with, and know their full name will be added into my contacts. With this in mind, my contacts are therefore kept small and to the point, as well relevant. This however could lead to issues since I don’t blindly accept calls 24/7.


This isn’t so much a status of position with a person, but the type of caller. I do not accept Anonymous Callers – simple. Those calls will go to voicemail, and may even receive a message they are getting my voicemail because they are calling anonymously.


If I know your first and last name as well as either an email address or your telephone number, you will be entered into my contacts. For email, I will obviously only be able to send email. In which case, expect it to come from For calls, you would see my Telephone Number (+1 412 2532956) as the calling number.

VIP Contacts

These contacts takes precedence over other contacts. Their email, and communications will be handled first, and if they call, they will be more likely to ring through when I normally will not wish to be disturbed. If you wish to know if you are a VIP Contact, you are likely not.