I have reduced the number of IM services I use. I will not install an app to just communicate with a single person that may or may not be invested in forming any platonic relationship. Therefore, with that being said, I only use two services:

  • Google Hangouts
  • SMS via Google Voice

Scam Policy

Those who I know very little about, and not truly a friend and that person starts to ask for money to help their dying mother will be removed, and if needed blocked. The fact that the person proclaims a desire to meet me or more after the first day of contact will not make me go into idiot mode.

Proselytizing Policy

While a little more broader than religious, if one decides to impose their religion, political views, cultural views, or social views on me without regards or respect to my such views, then I have no interest nor desire to keep in touch with you. You will be blocked, and in the event that I have your phone number, your calls will go to voicemail automatically.