Most of the time, I only provide one telephone number. This number is known as my Primary Number. Also, for when the need arises, I have a secondary number. This number is provided as an alternative, or when it may not be in interest to give the Primary Number. Both numbers have a dedicated .tel address which provides additional resources if the need arose.

Primary Number

The telephone number of +1 412 2532956 is my primary telephone number, and is issued to most people. It is also the only number I will accept SMS with. This is because due to resources, it is not easy for me to receive SMS from the secondary number.

This phone number has been in my possession for about 15 years and was initially with Grand Central. At the time, it was intended for forwarding. When Google gave it more capabilities, it became the number I will provide to everyone. As an app first for RIM OS, then onto Android allowed me to display the primary phone number as my regular number, I stopped using Anonymous Calling when calling from the cellular phone.

Secondary Number

I have a secondary telephone number that is used to provide to services that either insist on a home phone, or for services such as food delivery. Because my primary number does not take unknown callers at certain times, this telephone number is provided to bypass that would-be issue.


Anonymous callers will not ring either phone. I expect to know who is calling me or have a choice whether to answer an unknown call. Anonymous Callers will go straight to voicemail. People not in my contacts will be able to ring my primary phone during hours I consider as reasonable business hours or my secondary line at any time. Calls to my secondary number will not ring my cellular phone.

Known contacts will ring my cellular phone anytime that DND is not on. In addition, they will ring my home phone at most times I am awake. Therefore, most contacts will not ring my home phone at 2AM. Starred contacts are those that I feel are important enough to bypass the DND feature and ring both phones at all times. Obviously, this promotion to becoming a starred contact is not taken lightly.

This allows me to receive a call from an unknown number at any time by giving the secondary number. This is typically done if I was to have a dinner delivered. People may also receive this number if they insist on having multiple phones. Typically – outgoing calls will display the primary number.

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