I only provide one telephone to most people. This telephone number is a Google Voice number which uses rules to direct calls as I see fit. I do have other telephone numbers, but these are never provided – again because the Google Voice number is all I need to give out.

Telephone Number

The telephone number of +1 412 253 2956 is my telephone number and issued to anyone that would want my telephone number. This is a Google Voice number, and has been in my possession since early 2000’s.  When someone calls, the call is routed based on the conditions I set. When I make an outgoing call, the telephone number as above is displayed.

Anonymous Callers

Anonymous Callers go straight to voicemail. The phone will not even ring. The caller has the option to leave a message including providing a telephone number which I could return the call. 

Unknown Callers

Right now, Unknown callers are sent to my cellular phone. If I don’t wish to accept unknown callers, I can deselect SIM 2 to prevent such calls from ringing my phone. The cellular network will simply see that line as off. If I get too many unknown callers, I will then route such calls to my home phone.

Known Callers

These callers will ring my primary phone at all times. In addition, those that are marked with a star in my Contacts will ring the home phone at any time. This is to assure that I will get what I would consider as very important callers. All Known Callers will ring SIM 1 on my cellular phone.

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