I only provide one telephone to most people. This telephone number is a Google Voice number which uses rules to direct calls as I see fit. I do have other telephone numbers, but these are never provided – again because the Google Voice number is all I need to give out.

Primary Number

The telephone number of +1 412 2532956 is my primary telephone number, and is issued to most people. It is also the only number I will accept SMS with. This is because due to resources, it is not easy for me to receive SMS from the secondary number.

This phone number has been in my possession since 2000 and was initially with Grand Central. At the time, it was intended for forwarding. When Google gave it more capabilities, it became the number I will provide to everyone. As an app first for RIM OS, then onto Android allowed me to display the primary phone number as my regular number, I stopped using Anonymous Calling when calling from the cellular phone.

Rules – Primary Line

Anonymous callers (those that block their number) will not ring my phone. Instead, they will go straight to voicemail, and even hear a greeting that informs them they are reaching voicemail because of anonymous calling. In a similar situation, any caller identified as SPAM, or I personally blocked will go to voicemail.

People not in my contacts will only ring my home phone. This is to conserve cellular minutes, and provide some control. People in my contacts will ring both my wifi and cellular phone. Those that are considered as very important (likely medical professionals) will ring my DECT, Wifi, and cellular phone.

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