Welcome to fsp.im. If you are looking for any of my websites, or wish to get more contact information than what you could have with my .tel address – you came to the correct place. Below is my contact information, while other pages are for domain wide site maps.

General Contact

Frank Pilone
Residence: US – PA – Pittsburgh – 15212 -Troy Hill
Residence Line: +1 412 259 3384 or +883 510 009 990 651
Cellular Line: +1 412 253 2956 or +883 510 001 196 958
SIP Address: 883510009990651@inum.net
Primary Email: frank@pilone.name
Secondary Email: frankp1973@gmail.com
GTalk/Hangouts: frankp1973
SMS: +1 412 253 2956

Social Networks

Google Plus: http://sn.fsp.cc/plus
Twitter: http://sn.fsp.cc/twitter


Race: Caucasian
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Height (US): 6’0″
Weight (US): 230lbs
Eyes/Hair: Brown
Birth Year: 1973


Employment: None due to disability
Income: <$9100
Residence: Rental – Apartment
Children: None
Marital Status: Single
Religious Beliefs: Leaning Agnostic

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