Welcome to FSP.IM. There is no particular reason for the .im domain other than it was available at a reasonable price. For a while, this domain didn’t serve much in the way of any function. However, it will now function as a miscellaneous address site. When a complete site can fit into a single URL, it will be placed in this site. This in turn will reduce the number of Domain registrars that will be needed. For example, aboutfsp.us which was intended to provide detail information about me, my life and various other informational resources will eventually be depreciated as this site will be replaced by about.fsp.im. This will eliminate the cost of registering aboutfsp.us. Another example will eventually be bigasswhatif.com which again will reduce the cost of registering that domain.

This will mean that fsp.im will not serve a particular role such as most of my other domains. In addition, websites that are designed to work together in a cohesive manner (such as fsp.condos, fsp.house, or fsp.rentals) will remain as a dedicated domain even if they were not a preferred domain. The reason for this is because to merge those sites into a consolidated miscellaneous site will only cause confusion. If one realizes they are in the same domain, then they can relate that all content is inter-related.

Unless due to financial distress, preferred domains will always be kept. One may ask what a preferred domain is. In my instance, this will be any domain name of fsp or pilone. For example, even if fsp.im looses relevance, it will be kept simply because it is an fsp domain address. Some people maybe asking why fsp? Well, simply put – these are my initials. My middle name is Samuel, so Frank Samuel Pilone spells my initials, and therefore simply makes sense. This will mean that future domains will be in these initials unless it is not possible. Otherwise, a non preferred domain will be acquired and if the preferred domain can be acquired, it will be. The content from the old site will be moved to the new preferred domain, and the old site will redirect. Pilone is also chosen, but is more limited in the aggressiveness of acquisition. At this time, there is pilone.name, and pilone.tel. Pilone.name is the personal web site of individual family members while pilone.tel is the relevant content information.

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